Tom is a Holistic practitioner who believes in the human potential for transformational growth. He supplemented his MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy with a Performance Coaching diploma to ensure he can facilitate the needs of his clients. Tom views transformation through a ‘whole person’ lens and works with clients to identify obstacles, adjust their behaviours and maintain consistency. He understands that integration is a massive part of well-being and peak performance, and as such his sessions are designed to empower individuals to live their lives with passion, meaning and purpose.

Tom founded Holistic Transitioning during his travels in Europe, since then the company has evolved to what it is now. He has experience working with a wide variety of clients with an even wider variety of goals and dreams;
Moving Country
Public Speaking
Finding Passion
Start a Company
Strengthening Resilience
Overcoming a Past Performance
And more…
Tom is an individual member of the BACP and can be found on credible coach, he is available for face-to-face sessions and via Skype/FaceTime.

Holistic Coaching, 60min

Holistic Coaching, 60min:

Our client-led coaching sessions are built on the foundation that every person has the answers they require to progress forward in life, sometimes they just need the right space to find them. Whether you are wanting to explore a potential future reality or need a space to objectively observe a present situation, holistic coaching can be the catalyst for which you can attain answers.

(1 hour)
£ 95.00

Mindfulness Based Integrative Therapy

Mindfulness Based Integrative Therapy:

Exploring your internal world alone can be a scary place. Often in life we aren’t shown how to handle perfectly normal emotions, as a result we keep them bottled up inside and this can restrict or even harm our chance of living a healthy and happy life. Integrative therapy combines the theoretical frameworks and applications of several traditional schools of therapy, with an emphasis on the relationship between the client and therapist. Mindfulness practises are a way of bringing awareness to the present moment - without judgment or resistance. In MBIT we have combined these practises due to the large amount of research supporting their collaboration. Here the aim of therapy is for the client to move towards integration, using mindful awareness as the foundation for internal support and guidance.

(1 hour)
£ 75.00